Sunday, May 25, 2008

People have lost faith with police

The public is losing faith in the police with only four out of ten saying they can be relied on to deal with minor crimes, according to a report yesterday.

Only 47 per cent of those questioned for the British Crime Survey felt police were 'there when they were needed'.

And only 41 per cent said they believed an officer could be depended upon to help if they were the victim of a less serious offence.

The survey, carried out by the Home Office and considered the most authoritative in the country, also found that only 51 per cent thought officers in their area did a good or excellent job.

Is it any wonder people are losing faith in the police when they don’t even concentrate on crime anymore and instead just persecute people like Ben Smith for having an England flag in his car.

If people aren’t happy with the police then the police’s £40 million spent on public relations obviously isn’t working. Maybe they should have spent that money on 1,400 extra police and people might trust them a bit more.

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