Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Government to start propaganda campaign

This year the number of people seeking asylum has risen by 16% and the government have found out their own immigration data is worthless and doesn’t give the real numbers.

The government don’t like us knowing that they are screwing up so they are going to wage a propaganda campaign against us. We all know that the government loves to give our money away to people coming to this country who decide to claim asylum. They also know that we don’t want them here so they have decided to change the name of asylum seekers to sanctuary seekers . Sounds nice and cuddly doesn’t it?

We also know that the government are doing a piss poor job when it comes to illegal immigration so they have decided to air a propaganda programme… uh… I mean documentary series to show how well they are dealing with immigration. You can watch it on Sky when it comes on but don’t get brainwashed and fall for their propaganda.

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