Tuesday, May 27, 2008

News roundup 66

Bulgaria to be ordered to hand back £400m in EU taxpayers’ cash for not tackling corruption. They should have never been allowed into the EU.

Ja, Minister! Government blows £120 million on a new computer system which spouts German. The government doesn’t have a clue how to run a country

Cameron hints at English Parliament plan to address ‘unfairness’ in union. I like it!

Labour fails to meet two-thirds of its targets. Labour is incompetent.

Taxpayers pay £1000 a week to store 15,000 wheelie bins in a field – while council chiefs decide what to do with them. If it was their money they would have decided within a day.

A quarter of workers ‘face ruin if they lose their jobs. It’s highly likely with the amount of immigrants coming in.

Inquest hears RAF Nimrod was NEVER fit to fly. The government should be charged with murder for allowing this to happen.

Plans go in for first eco-town – and there’s no green to be seen. Of course there isn’t. The govt need more homes to deal with immigrants.

Government to make hundreds of millions by selling MoD land for ecotowns. 2 stories in 1 – the government hate the military and need houses for immigrants.

Patient denied life-extending drug. Heartless bastards!

NHS hospitals lose 32,000 beds in a decade. I thought the NHS was a priority of Labour’s.

150-year-old Monkey puzzle tree facing chop because health and safety say its needles are ‘like syringes’. Don’t they have anything better to do?

The bunting ban: Flags that fluttered over village parties for a century snagged in health and safety red tape. Sack these idiots!

Minorities ‘need more arts events’. What about white people?

England to be most crowded in Europe. Oh goody!

Pupils can take an A-level in being a teenager under new exam board plans. I thought they couldn’t dumb it down anymore.

Tony Blair ‘moments from death’ after Israeli fighter jets threatened to blow his plane out of the sky. The Israelis are useless. They should have done it. The world would be a better place.

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