Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whites losing heritage

The government seem to be going further along with their plan to disenfranchise white people. Since I have come back to blogging it seems like a day doesn’t go by without the government or some organisation trying to discriminate against white people.

The BNP and people like me have said that once an ethnic group becomes dominant in an area they will try to change to something unrecognisable. It is happening in the East End now and no one will call it racist but if white people did something similar the liberals would be screaming racism from the rooftops.

Bangladeshis have become such a dominant force in the East End that they want to change the name of a train station to Banglatown to reflect the strong Bangladeshi community. Can you believe it? If anyone suggested changing a name of a train station to White station or Whitetown they would immediately be vilified as racist yet the people who want this aren’t even criticised over it.

The government has also announced that they will spend more money on ethnic minority charities. £18 million is already being spent on this, yet our government wants to give another £660,000. The grants are aimed at improving the experiences of people from BME backgrounds in relation to access and outcomes from public services. What about white people’s experiences? Don’t we matter?

The government are also trying to get more ethnic minority councillors which means less white councillors of course. I am sure where there are more ethnic minority councillors there will be no demand to help whites out.

When will people realise that this government is no friend of the white man? They have shown that they will do all they can to discriminate against white people and try to disenfranchise us at every opportunity.

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