Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Labour fails to deal with crime

Labour's failure to tackle youth crime has been disclosed in an authoritative study which shows that the £3 billion war on teenage offenders has failed.

The report shows that despite public spending on the problem rising by 45 per cent, the Government's new laws and high-profile initiatives had "no measurable impact" on youth crime.

It shows that each year one in four young people admits to having committed a crime – a figure which has not changed since Labour came to power.

Is it any wonder that this is happening when the government are completely and utterly incompetent and lie to the public at any opportunity. The majority of people convicted for knife crimes get sentenced to less than 4 months in prison. How on earth is that a deterrent to stop committing crime?

Half of on-the-spot fines given to yobs and thieves go unpaid. Again, this just shows you why Labour’s policies are ineffective when dealing with crime. Criminals are not afraid of the law because the punishments are easily handled. Don’t want to get an on the spot fine? Give the police a false name and never pay up. Carrying a knife will get you out of prison in less than 4 months. It’s not a deterrent.

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