Sunday, September 02, 2007

Support Mark Walker

"Outrage" - that is the only word to describe the feelings of
Civil Liberty supporters and members of the independent Trade Union Solidarity to the persecution of Mark Walker, the suspended County Durham BNP teacher. We carried calls on this site for lovers of freedom to write to the Headteacher and join the protest picket called by Civil Liberty this Monday, the 3rd of September. We have been flooded with emails on the subject. Not only are groups and individuals up and down the country letting their feelings be known to the head but they are sending messages of support and encouragement to Mark care of the school. One supporter wrote:-

"I think it's time to draw a line in the sand. This kind of political persecution is unacceptable in a modern democracy. It's like the Head at Sunnydale thinks she is living in Soviet Russia. I sent my message of support to Mark Walker on a postcard because I wanted everyone there to know my feelings. What's happening there is a disgrace. Don't let them grind you down Mark!"

The General Secretary of Solidarity, Pat Harrington, commented:-

"The employer in this case has acted in an arrogant, confrontational manner. Our Brotherhood is angry at the persecution on political grounds of a Union official. It is just plain wrong that because someone is a member of the BNP they should receive less favourable treatment than other staff. That's discrimination plain and simple. I am very concerned at the toll this has taken on Mark and his young family We welcome the involvement of Civil Liberty in championing Mark and will work with them to uphold his rights".

If you have not yet sent your letter of protest to the Headteacher here are the details again:-

Sue Byrne
Sunnydale Community College
Middridge Lane
County Durham
Tel: 01388 772526
Fax: 01388 773184

Postcards encouraging and supporting Mark Walker should be sent to him care of the same address.

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Anonymous said...

There is now a petition in support of Mark Walker at:-

I have signed it and urge others to do likewise and tell their friends.