Saturday, September 08, 2007

Does she look like a yob?

In her pink cardigan and standing a mere 3ft6in, four year old Karen Lewis hardly looks a menace to society.

But that didn't stop staff at a seaside amusement arcade reducing the little girl to tears by warning her she was flouting company rules on hooded tops.

A worker explained to Karen's mother, Cheryl, that it was company policy to insist customers pulled down their hoods, in case yobs used them to conceal their identity while causing trouble.

Do those workers really think that 4 year old girl is a yob? It’s probably just one of those things where they approached her because she was an easy target. These types of people are always doing that and wouldn’t complain about people actually looking like yobs and why would they? Who wants to get a load of lip from snot nosed teenagers who then go on a vandalism spree?

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