Wednesday, August 08, 2007

News roundup 11

China threatens ‘nuclear option’ of dollar sales. Could we be heading for a recession?

One in five young adults is jobless. And they will probably stay that way.

Consumers ‘face £300 bank charges’. I’d rather not.

HIPs experts ‘could make millions out of scheme'. Surprise surprise.

Immigrants have taken four in ten homes since 1997. Maybe there wouldn’t be a housing crisis if it wasn’t for immigrants.

’Only radical Muslims are listening to me'. Time to deport them all?

Dutch populist Wilders calls for ban on Koran. Should we?

How a new government poll spins our fears on crime. Still not many feel safe.

£700 in-car box would jam spy-in-sky road toll satellite. Always good to get one over on the government.

Fuel protest activist leaves BNP after punch-up. Such a pity it happened. He was a good activist too.

War veterans kicked out to make way for football fans. Disgraceful!

’Hidden’ SAS hero outrage. Why does the government always do stupid things?

Speeding signs delayed over ladder rules. How hard is it to climb a ladder?

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bernard said...

This selective news roundup is a good idea; I hope it's a regular.
Had no idea that old man Spence had quit the party. How odd, after all, someone joins a party on a point of Principle/manifesto etc, not because you like/dislike some of the members!?