Wednesday, August 01, 2007

News roundup 4

Britain ‘treats child cancer as low priority’. So much for taking care of Britain’s children

NHS whistleblower back to work after 5 years. It’s about time too

Nurse shortage hits mental care. Looks like the military aren't the only ones with a lack of mental health professionals.

Junior doctor chaos could go on for months. Can this government do anything right?

Girl raped as youth freed from offenders’s institution. Can we lock them up indefinitely yet?

Tax evasion is a sin, govt tells Italy’s Catholics. I would have thought tax would be a sin seeing as it is basically stealing.

Olympics chiefs to hire ten equality managers at up to £100,000 each. It’s already over budget. Why are we paying for useless posts?

EU funds hope for flood hit Britain. WOOHOO! We could get some of our money back.

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