Sunday, August 05, 2007

News roundup 8

Indian police force feed thief. Are they sure he is guilty?

Brown downgrades cabinet committee on climate change. For some reason climate change is no longer a priority.

Drivers face £25 a day tax. Taxing the motorists is always an option…

Walking to the shops ‘damages planet more than going by car’. Would never have thought being a lazy bastard was good for the environment.

Fatter Australians cause hazard for mortuaries. That’s an unexpected side effect of obesity.

Timber! Councils fell urban trees. Does this mean that the nanny state is bad for the environment?

Churchill feared growing ‘coloured population’. Yet he never did anything about it.

Pensioners ‘poorer’ under Gordon Brown. Thanks for stating the obvious.

Teachers bound up with red tape. Red tape seems to keep back progress in everything.

This could be the End of Belgium. Good luck for whichever way it goes.

Secret government ‘X-Files reveal 97 UFO sightings in Britain’s skies last year. Are they nutty or did they see aliens?


Stan said...

You know, I find the situation in Belgium most revealing as it demonstrates the vital importance that a common language plays in holding a nation together.

It also reveals how a nation needs a monoculture if it is to truly survive. Multiculturalism has never worked if you try and throw a bunch of people with absolutely nothing in common (the prevailing monoculture) together.

youdontknowme said...

Thats why I found it interesting enough to include it here. What is disturbing about the article is that they are planning on Brussels being the capital of Europe eventhough Belgium has just proven that the competing cultures will break up a country.