Sunday, September 09, 2007

Peter Mandelson is a traitor

Peter Mandelson,
Britain's commissioner in Brussels, has dismissed calls for a referendum on the new EU treaty.

He insisted that it did not amount to a "radical reform" of the relationship between the UK and Europe.

In a rare display of unity with his old enemy Gordon Brown - and amid signs that EU leaders are joining forces to prevent the British people being given a say - the former Cabinet minister said many of those arguing for a referendum really wanted to pull out of the EU.

Of course we can’t have people deciding what happens to their own country. I mean our political masters have everything sorted and if we did have a vote and if we did vote to leave Mr Mandelson might lose his job on the gravy train because we wouldn’t need a commissioner.

Is it any wonder that these people are lying about the effect of the treaty? These traitors rely on the EU for their pay packet. If he truly wanted to put Britain’s best interests first would he really support giving so much power to the EU which is an even more centralised government than the one we already have? Our own government should have far less power but that power should not go to the EU. It should be with the people and not Parliament.

We should tell the EU where to go. We do not want them having any power over us and we certainly don’t want Brussels sending over their riot police to police this country.

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