Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The best healthcare English money can buy

The Scottish have the best healthcare English money can buy. While we are paying for their healthcare we are getting inferior healthcare because of the government. This is an outrage. The English are treated like second class citizens and we are paying for it. This is shown by the fact that an RAF man died after being denied cancer drugs that you could get on the NHS. This is despite the fact that this man would have probably leapt to the defence of the people of Scotland in the event if they were targeted by military forces.

The English are now being refused a life saving heart treatment that has saved the lives of tens of thousands. The Scottish will still get it though while tens of thousands of English people will drop dead and the government won’t care because the Scottish are still alive.

Why are we treated like second class citizens in everything? It is not just healthcare where we are treated with contempt. It is government jobs too. We are refused them because we are English even if these jobs are in England. It is about time we said enough is enough and stop paying to be discriminated against.

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