Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eastern Europeans cause 15% of fatal road accidents

Immigrants from
Eastern Europe are responsible for nearly 15 per cent of fatal crashes on rural roads, it has been revealed.

Concerns are so great over the massive rise in accidents that young Polish men will now be classified as one of the three most-at-risk groups on the road in Yorkshire - and local authorities across the UK could follow their example.

The figures have been released by North Yorkshire Council, after officers became increasingly concerned with anecdotal evidence suggesting immigrants were putting lives at risk.

John Fort, executive member for community safety, said: "We've noticed there's becoming quite a serious problem with immigrant drivers from Eastern Europe.

"The majority of Eastern Europeans involved are 16 to 24-year-olds, who tend to be production workers and speak little English. These are people who need cars to get from A to B on our rural road network, where there are not many buses.

"They tend to pile a lot of people into one car, drive too fast, go round roundabouts the wrong way and often indulge in drink-driving.

"As a group, there is a distinct lack of common sense and we as a county council have decided that we will make a real effort to get to the bottom of the problem."

They’re going to get to the problem of the distinct lack of common sense of Eastern Europeans? Isn’t that supposed to be racist? This is yet another reason why we should stop all immigration now. Large scale immigration causes nothing but problems and there are no benefits except for the rich who get cheap labour.


alanorei said...

Yet another blessing of multiculti-ism

Portuguese guy said...

Fuck you my friends. You should be grateful to those east europeans.
Any eastern european caming to the UK represents a uslim or african who stays out.
Who the hell do you perfer?
Unless you are one of thos e nordicists who think non germanic speaking peoples are innferior.
Well, some of your family members may have died out fighting something close to that...
I Just think we, europeans, are facing a greater evil, so we shall unite to fight togeather!
And England is the counrie i admire the moast (after my own of course) and I'm counting you BRITISH PEOPLE to wake up EUROPE!

youdontknowme said...

You should be grateful to those east europeans

grateful because they have caused an increase in crime? grateful because they are pricing brits out of the workplace? grateful because we have to concrete over the countryside to make homes for them? Just what have we to be grateful about?

Any eastern european caming to the UK represents a uslim or african who stays out.

ummmm... no it doesn't. They still come. There is no limit to what our government is willing to take in. We get both.

Bag said...

Hey is this a problem? From what I understand they probably make up 25% of the population now. So that makes them safer drivers.

Only kidding.