Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gordon Brown inconsistent on drugs policy

Gordon Brown seems to be a bit inconsistent lately when it comes to drug policy. Last month it was announced that he was considering whether to reclassify cannabis to a class B drug. You would think if this happened that a lot of people might want to go rehab so they don’t break the law but Gordon Brown doesn’t think so. He decided to cut the drug rehab budget by £50 million.

Those that go to prison who have a drug habit will be glad to know that the prisons are having a budget cut too so the prison have decided to scrap cell checks to search for weapons and drugs. Prison officers have said that this could create no go areas for the prison officers because the amount of drugs and weapons in circulation inside would soar. The service is also considering cutting back on the use of voluntary and mandatory drug-testing so you will b able to take drugs without anyone stopping you, especially not even the prison officers who don’t have to enter your cell if you smoke it..

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