Thursday, August 09, 2007

Health and safety gone mad

Health and safety in this country is insane and the rules are probably only here to ensure people have a job who wouldn’t normally be able to get a job. This is especially evident when it comes to our governments, whether local or national. Our national government wastes money researching towels on wet floors or what happens on rides at theme parks.

At local level they are not wasting money but they are making stupid decisions. In Lancashire the responsibility for speed signs has been handed over by the police to a local council however the local council can’t put any of the signs up because their workers are not trained in how to climb a ladder. The police are trained at it but the police aren’t trained to teach people how to climb a ladder.

In a village in Wiltshire an elderly woman who waters the village flowerbed has been told she can’t do it anymore unless she erects warning signs, wears a fluorescent jacket and has someone standing with her as a lookout.

It can’t just be me that thinks this is stupid.

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