Monday, June 23, 2008

60 soldiers killed by faulty equipment

As many as
60 British servicemen have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan because the Government failed to provide adequate equipment, a Tory inquiry has claimed.

Frederick Forsyth, the author and former RAF pilot chairing the special investigation into the treatment of the armed forces, accused ministers of 'frittering away billions' on pet projects while refusing to give troops fighting overseas the resources they need.

He said the work of the Military Covenant Commission - set up by David Cameron to help develop a Tory defence manifesto - had uncovered 'inadequate' policies towards the military in virtually every area it examined, from healthcare and education for troops' families to housing and legal support.

I am not surprised about this at all. The government haven’t even attempted to keep our soldiers safe. They would rather see the soldiers die than provide them with equipment which they need which is why I am glad that the government is being sued by families of those servicemen killed because of useless equipment. I hope they win and the government are forced to do something about it.

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