Saturday, June 28, 2008

News roundup 77

Britain to get 3,000-strong border force to fight terrorism and illegal immigration. Good idea but it probably won’t work if Labour is in charge of it.

Police are forced to cut frontline jobs to save on fuel cost. Why not just cut the number of cars and make them ride bikes or just give the police a rebate on fuel tax?

School meals 'near collapse' as soaring food costs and lack of Government funding take toll. The government won’t do anything.

Killed by the Budget: Pensioner, 92, electrocuted himself because of taxes. Labour costs lives.

Council banned from flying crest on Mayor's car after being flagged up as health and safety 'danger'. That’s just stupid.

Knife and gun crime worsening. Will Labour actually do anything?

Gun gangs recruit eight-year-olds. Punish those who recruit children to crime.

Teenagers found guilty of crime has soared by over 25%, reveals Labour think tank. Labour can’t do anything right.

Appeal court says criminals' wives' assets untouchable. Surely they can be arrested for receiving stolen goods?

Ex-soldier taken to court over 'citizen's arrest' of yobs. He should have been given a medal.

YOB WHO PUNCHED PRIEST IN CHURCHYARD IS FREED. If the roles were reversed he would be arrested for racially aggravated assault.

Man who claimed Paddington train crash turned him into a killer can appeal for compensation. He’ll probably win.

Jail for rapes while on bail man. He should have never been allowed into the country.

Criminal freed from jail early because of overcrowding is accused of rape. Labour wrecks lives.

Paedophile ex-Tory councillor avoids prison. He should be in prison where he can’t do this type of thing.

Hazel Blears targeted by thieves - again. I hope she enjoyed it.

Force bans village bobby from bike because he hasn't passed his cycling proficiency. That’s just stupid.

Bailed terror suspect goes on the run after leaving suicide note. Why was he allowed out on bail?

Second al-Qaeda leader to be freed in Britain. He should be deported.

Bomb hero puts finger in trigger. He is a very brave soldier.

Flooding plan 'needs improvement'. That’s an understatement.

A month to save Dorset!. It won’t be saved. Houses are needed too much.

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