Sunday, June 15, 2008

MPs lose their expenses

MPs just don’t seem to want to let us know what they have gotten up to these last few years. They are trying to keep their expenses under wraps so we don’t know what they have been spending our money on. They are succeeding at it too. They have shredded more than 1 million documents relating to their expenses so we will never know what they spent the money on.

For now they have succeeded in hiding their past expenses but they won’t be able to hide their future expenses however we do know some of what the money was spent on. For instance Commons Speaker Michael Martin has enjoyed visits to some of the world's most exclusive hotels at the taxpayers' expense and this same man is chairing the committee of MPs looking at their allowances. This is of course going to be a biased report if MPs are on the committee.

Thankfully Michael Martin isn’t being allowed to get away with it. Sir Christopher Kelly who is chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life threatened to hold an inquiry as he rightly believes MPs will be biased over their own expenses.

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