Monday, June 16, 2008

News roundup 73

Pensioners seized by Heathrow police - over 'inflammatory' protest T-shirts. Where are their rights?

Ian Huntley 'to convert to Islam'. This man should have been short long ago. There is something wrong with him

Criminals 'will be forced to wear high visibility bibs while carrying out community service'. How exactly will this stop them from committing crime?

Children's Tsar has 9ft fence built around his house to protect him from the 'yoof' he champions. Reality has finally struck him.

Warning over immigrant purse-snatch gangs. Don’t you love the diversity of crime?

Stop the bin inspectors and get fined £5000. They should remember who they work for.

Monthly rubbish collections on the way, waste chief warns. I wonder what health concerns this will cause.

Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol. Hopefully this could be harnessed on a bigger scale.

Civil servants sent to aid the poor live it up in 5-star hotel. How do they sleep at night?

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