Monday, June 02, 2008

Government to release more prisoners than expected

THOUSANDS more prisoners than the Govern­ment ­estimated will be let out early because of the chaotic handling of the overcrowding crisis.

An official forecast of the number of criminals to benefit in the first year of the ­controversial early release scheme has already been exceeded after 10 months.

The total number to be released early is now expected to pass 30,000 for the last year.

It means that even more violent thugs, sex offenders, robbers and burglars will be let back on the streets than predicted.

The government is crazier than I thought. The prison population is less than 90,000 this means that the equivalent of 33% of prisoners will be released. The government must be in a real panic to do this. At the same time this doesn’t give an incentive for criminals to stop committing crimes. It just shows that we are a soft touch and if they are caught again they will be out of prison in no time.

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