Monday, June 23, 2008

Eco-towns will not help environment

Eco towns look more and more dubious as time goes on and they look as though they will constrain the freedom to move about. You could even be fined for driving out of the town limits. You will also be stopped from parking your car near your own home but don’t worry there will be a car park at the edge of town which you will have to pay for

The government have a reason for this. They hate freedom and cars give you freedom to go anywhere you want at anytime. They say that it is because the towns are supposed to be green but if that was the case why are the towns being built to lower environmental standards than other towns? Why are they being built to level 3 instead of level 6 even though after 2016 all homes have to be built to level 6 meaning they are zero carbon. Why not just build them to that standard now if it is to protect the environment?

Wouldn’t it make sense to build eco towns as most environmentally friendly?

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alanorei said...

Out-of-town car parks will require massive security installations, including CCTV.

How much will all that cost?

Our town, for example, will have up to 10,000 cars, at a very rough estimate. If a town of similar size was to be an eco-town, how much rural land will need to be concreted over for the car park?

This monstrosity would be replicated across the country.

Brown is a maniac.