Friday, June 13, 2008

Our water is being poisoned

CONTROVERSIAL plans to add fluoride to Southampton's water supply have been condemned by a green MEP.

Just weeks after Prime Minister Gordon Brown insisted water fluoridation would benefit the city's residents, Green MEP Dr Caroline Lucas, pictured above right, paid a personal visit to health chiefs to condemn the proposals.

In February Health Secretary Alan Johnson pledged an extra £14m for health authorities that want to add fluoride to their water supplies to boost dental health and the Prime Minister said he had "seen the benefits of fluoridation".

Dr Lucas has demanded the proposals to add the chemical to Southampton's water be dropped.
She said: "Water fluoridation has simply not been proven to be effective for teeth, particularly when the bad effects of dental fluorosis are taken into account.

If the government would like to give us better dental health they should be focusing on dentistry but instead 800,000 fewer people have access to NHS dentists.

Putting dangerous medication into the water supply is not the answer. The answer is to actually invest in dental health and give more people access to an NHS dentist.

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