Wednesday, June 11, 2008

News roundup 69

Mosque failed to get approval for prayers. Operating illegally but nothing will be done.

Blind-seven-year-old-beaten-to-death-for-failing-to-learn-the-Koran. Don’t you just love Islam?

Taxi driver banned from driving… because he can’t use apostrophes. Why would you need to know that to drive people around?

Health and safety killjoys tell pensioner to get rid of his doormat in case someone trips over it. That’s just stupid.

Banned – the soup that’s too fresh. Can soup ever be too fresh?

Fifty years without an accident, but slide is taken down just in case. What is the point in these idiots?

Brown’s driving Brits to vote BNP. Thanks for that Mr Brown. It’s the only useful thing you have ever done.

Stand up for Brits or the BNP will win. Hopefully that will come true.

Student Union throws out ‘extremist’ ban. Free debate at last.

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