Monday, June 23, 2008

Judge stops treaty while Ireland will vote again

There is good news regarding the EU treaty. A judge has temporarily stopped ratification. While it probably won’t lead to anything it still gives us a small glimmer of hope. If the judgement comes back favourably for patriotic Brits we can than Stuart Wheeler.

If ratification is stopped it could also mean that the European Union will not be able to expand which is of course the best thing that could happen. I don’t want millions of Turks coming to this country when we already have millions from other countries coming here.

The European Union of course don’t like any opposition to their plans so will get around any judgement and any opposition. In Ireland they are going to make the Irish vote again until they give the EU the decision they want. The new referendum will probably be held next spring so they can rush the treaty in as fast as possible.

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