Monday, June 23, 2008

How compassionate is your nurse?

Nurses are to be scored on how compassionate they are towards patients as part of a government plan to improve quality in the NHS to be unveiled in the runup to the 60th anniversary of the health service next month.

The health secretary, Alan Johnson, wants the performance of every nursing team in every ward across England to be measured, with the results published on an official website.

This is a stupid idea and will only lead to more money being taken away from healthcare. The patients will provide feedback but someone will have to check the feedback meaning at least 1 administrator will have to be employed in every hospital to check it over. They will of course be paid which will mean this money will have to come out of the hospital budget which they could use on treating patients.

I don’t know how many hospitals there is but let’s give an estimate of 200. If administrators were paid on average £18,000 per year then the bill for this new scheme would be £3.6 million per year which should be spent on healthcare. As you can see this is another stupid idea by a stupid government.

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