Thursday, June 05, 2008

Immigrants blamed for knife crime

A chief constable gave a stark public warning yesterday of 'immense' pressure placed on resources by the unprecedented influx of immigrants.

Julie Spence, who heads Cambridgeshire Police, took the highly unusual step of singling out Poles, Lithuanians and Iraqi Kurds who are carrying knives on the streets.

The comments of such a senior officer in an Parliamentary evidence session will spark widespread alarm at a time when the UK is struggling to control knife crime.

Mrs Spence said: 'We have had the Iraqi Kurds who carry knives and the Poles and the Lithuanians who carry knives. If it is normal to carry them where you come from, you need to educate them pretty quickly. We have done a lot of work to tell them not to, and we have seen it go down.'

Could immigration be the reason why the government refuses to take knife crime seriously? It must be becoming harder and harder for even liberals to think that immigration is a good thing. They should know by now that immigration contributes to our housing shortages and the pressure put on public services is made worse by immigrants.

More immigrants are just going to make a bad situation much worse. In the future we will see power cuts as our power stations struggle to meet increasing demand and rising food prices as much needed farmland to cope with an increased population is concreted over to build ever more houses.

If liberals haven’t figured it out yet where have they been? I am not blaming immigrants for some of the problems however the problem is increased population which immigrants contribute to.

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