Monday, June 02, 2008

EU hiding bad news from Ireland

will soon be voting in a referendum on the European constitution/treaty on June 12th after their government admitted that the treaty was the same as the constitution in all but name.

The Irish could reject the constitution and it the EU is becoming increasingly desperate because they might just do that which is why they are delaying announcements that might make the Irish vote no – you know announcements about how the EU is going to fuck up the country and everything. You can’t have that getting out can you?

Could this also be the reason that anti EU websites such as EU Truth have been closed down and the owners of the sites harassed so badly that they have nearly had breakdowns? The EU certainly is a corrupt organisation willing to do anything to cling on to power. Maybe bloggers should be posting as many EU stories as they can between now and the referendum date and find as many Irish political as you can and comment on them. If the Irish vote yes we are all doomed. If they vote no we will be ok for a few more months until they decide not to listen to the will of the public like they did in France and Holland.

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