Monday, June 30, 2008

News roundup 79

Queen refused government grant because of 2012 Olympic Games. I would rather give her the money.

Council banned from flying crest on Mayor's car after being flagged up as health and safety 'danger'. That’s just stupid.

Now health and safety cut number of holes in chip shop salt shakers. Could these people get real jobs?

Child knife victims are up by 62 per cent in just three years. Don’t expect the government to do anything.

Foreign drivers speed off without paying £10m fines in Britain. Just charge their embassies or take their car.

Grandfather with 'For Sale' sign in car window given £100 fine for running street business. Don’t they have anything better to do.

Bungling council bins a £10,000 'spy cam' meant to catch fly-tippers. Surely the rubbish collectors should have been told about it.

'Over 100 MPs' in multi-million tax dodge over second homes. Sack the lot!

BORDERS WIDE OPEN TO TERROR. The government don’t care.

Snatch Land Rover to be scrapped by the British Army. Headline a bit misleading but hopefully they will scrap it and replace it.


Rastaman said...

Okay, the others are bad but that one is a blatant, flagrant stomping all over on freedom of speech. I'm talking about the guy who got a ticket for putting a little sign in his car window saying that it was for sale.

Your government has run totally amok. I thought ours was bad but all ours does is stomp all over the rights of foreign nations. It pretty much leaves us alone. You must have literally tens of thousands of little bald-headed weevils working feverishly at their crumb-littered little desks, devising more and more and yet more ways to tax and fine you out of every possible penny.

The level of regulation and restriction that you Brits are yoked with honestly does appall me. I wonder if you even realize the level of stress that you're under. To have to be constantly aware of such a vast overburden of rules and restrictions on your every movement would be intolerable to Americans. If that was dumped on us overnight there would be a national uprising that would probably plunge us into anarchy. Seriously.

England is great but I gotta tell you, your leaders are absolute crap.

youdontknowme said...

I know that our leaders are crap but most of the people here will keep on voting for the party they have always voted for. They are sheeple. It's hard to get it through to them that the party their fathers and grandfathers voted for is corrupt is not helping them one bit.