Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Labour could force people into debt

High-earning families could be kicked out of their council homes in an effort to help needy people stuck on waiting lists.

And tenants who own a second property also face eviction under plans being considered by ministers.

The move comes after a report found 261,000 households benefit from cheap council housing despite having an income of more than £2,000 a month after tax.

This includes 38,000 families earning more than £50,000 a year - way above the national average of £27,000.


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But four million people with genuine need for subsidised housing are languishing on waiting lists.

The study by the New Local Government Network said householders should be made to do an annual tenancy review.

High-earners would be encouraged to move out or face a rise in their rents.

If the government were so bothered about low earners having access to houses he would stop people coming into this country to allow more homes to be freed up. If there are less people there would obviously be more housing to go around.

This is also just going to hurt people who have not earned enough to afford a house partly because of sky high taxes. Does this government seriously think that people would keep paying rent to the council if they could afford to buy a house?

All this will do is encourage more people to apply for mortgages who can’t afford them or don’t want to go into debt but have to because of government policy. This policy will just force more people into debt and the debt in this country is already bad enough.

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