Saturday, June 21, 2008

News roundup 74

Burglary Hook lad's jail let-off. Why isn’t he in prison?

Our 'arrest-shy' police: They make half the number the Americans do, warns think-tank. Its probably because of all the paperwork…

Police axe 999 response teams across Norfolk to 'improve service'. How will that improve the service?

Government call to give 'Blunkett's bobbies' more powers and responsibilities. Why not just give us more police?

Don't jail young thugs, give them 'intensive fostering'. We should be jailing more of them.

Murder suspects WILL keep right to win bail as ban would 'breach their human rights'. That’s just stupid.

Taxpayers fund support groups for paedophiles. It would be cheaper to execute them.

MEP arrested on fraud allegation. Yet more criminal politicians.

Ex-soldier repels machete armed robbers. He should have been given a medal.

Task force formed to stop county's foreign criminals. Just shows you how much crime is committed by criminals.

Caretaker sues school for £50,000 after fall because he 'was not trained how to use stepladder'. This man is an idiot.

School sports day axed by killjoys 'in case children fall over and hurt themselves'. These people should be sacked.

Council orders pensioners to take down plastic flowers - because they are health and safety risk. They are just justifying their stupid jobs.

Council bans 'brainstorming' and replaces the term with 'thought showers'... for fear of offending epileptics. It doesn’t even offend them.

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