Monday, June 16, 2008

Gordon lies to troops

GORDON Brown reacted to the Army chief’s plea for a troops pay rise yesterday – but failed to promise cash.

The Prime Minister said soldiers’ efforts would be “recognised” and “rewarded”.

He was speaking after General Sir Richard Dannatt told The Sun troops were getting a poor deal on pay.

Gen Dannatt compared the pay of junior service personnel with traffic wardens and said he would like to see above-inflation rises.

Mr Brown said: “I recognise the huge contribution our Armed Forces make and we will continue to try to reward them for the dedication and commitment they show, often in very difficult theatres of war.

You will continue to try to reward them? You mean you have been trying? I would hate to see you not trying to reward them. I don’t think you have rewarded them once even though they are fighting two wars and have to make budget cuts at the same time.

If you are rewarding them why have you given them a part time cabinet minister who recently justified their low wages labelling them unemployable in real life. That’s hardly rewarding them. Infact it’s insulting them.

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