Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stabbings soar but do MPs care?

SERIOUS stabbings have soared by more than half under Labour, the Daily Express can reveal.

Almost 6,000 victims were treated in hospital last year for stab or slash wounds compared with around 3,800 in 1998.

The number of women being attacked has increased by a third while figures for children under 14 being hurt have almost doubled.

It means the equivalent of 16 people every day are being so seriously wounded they need hospital care – often having to stay on a ward for two days.

You would think with knife crime being such a growing and serious crime MPs would be really concerned about it, especially those MPs who live in London but unfortunately only 10 of the 74 London MPs bothered to turn up to a knife crime debate. There even less MPs from other parts of the country.

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