Friday, June 13, 2008

Care home residents left neglected

We all know that public sector organisations treatb the elderly badly and it seems that it is just getting worse and not better. Those that can’t care for themselves are being made to pay while services to them are being cut.

Those in care homes are being left unfed and neglected by care homes who couldn’t care less about them.
Care home inspectors found that half of all care homes are failing to properly look after residents with dementia.
They found homes where residents were barred from moving about, where they went hungry because no one bothered to help them eat and where they were left to stare at a television all day long.
Those who aren’t lucky enough to get into a care home have to actually pay for care even though many elderly people rely on their pension as their only source of income. They are having to choose between home care and food which has just increased in price, that’s not to mention energy costs.

The cost of just living for the elderly has risen so substantially that is it very believable that more pensioners are in poverty. They have to shell out more in council tax, food energy and now they have to pay more for much needed care. With a fixed income it is no wonder that they are living in poverty.

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