Monday, June 30, 2008

Whites discriminated against in all areas of life

Congratulations to all white males. You are now discriminated in all aspects of life. That’s equality you see.

When you went to school you will have found that you were discriminated against when your black classmates had more funding given to their education, infact they have access to £178 million worth of grants for their education while you get nothing. When you leave school you will be happy to find that the government are now planning to make it legal so that employers can discriminate against you and hire a black man even though you might be more qualified for the job.

Are you happy to find out what Labour is doing to you? That’s not all either. You will be happy to know that if you ever become hard up and have to rely on a charity (because you have received a terrible education and can’t get a job because you aren’t black enough) the government has been giving £18 million to ethnic minority charities while nothing is given to white charities

Would you like to try and stick up for white people by standing for the local council? Well the government are trying to get more ethnic minority councillors. They don’t really want you to stand but there is nothing stopping you yet.

Maybe you should become a fire fighter instead? Well that’s a bad idea too. You see the government has a quota for none whites. If the fire service doesn’t meet it they will have to give up £2 million in funding. Are you worth 2 million? I thought not.

Why not join the police force instead and kick the arses of criminals? Sorry this isn’t allowed either unless you don’t mind having inferior candidates promoted ahead of you. If that’s the case you might do well.

Don’t like all of this? Do you feel like committing suicide to get away from it all? You should phone the Samaritans first, well that’s if they still exist in your area. You see in some parts of the country depressed whites are phoning in such numbers that they are being denied access to money because they don’t help enough black people.

Suicide probably isn’t the answer to reverse the discrimination that whites receive. For the answer you should click here.


alanorei said...

This is Affirmative Action that was implemented in the US in 1960s.

Since then, the US has suffered a serious industrial decline, as Nick pointed out from his trip there a few months back.

Overall, the country has become more unstable.

The same disaster awaits Britain, in making the current bad situation worse.

youdontknowme said...

Unfortunately that is exactly what Labour wants. They don't want the country to be a success.