Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Asian children are victims of political correctness

Social workers and police are ignoring abuse in Asian families out of political correctness, a charity said today.

Pressure to 'respect other cultures' meant nothing was done to protect victims and cases were handled badly, according to the NSPCC.

A report said Asians responsible for violence against children used their culture and religion as a shield to cover and justify abuse.

NSPCC manager Saleha Islam said: 'Asian children and their mothers suffer the double injustice of a community that would rather save face than deal with domestic violence and a system that lacks cultural understanding and so hides behind political correctness.'

Why are police putting political correctness before the welfare of children. It shouldn’t matter what the culture was in the backward country which they came from. They are in this country and should conform to our cultures and laws and not their own barbaric customs.

Political correctness is putting the lives of children at risk just so Asians don’t have their feelings hurt. The police and socisal services are much worse than the Asians that actually do this because they have the power to stop it from happening yet choose to sit by and do nothing while children are abused.

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