Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thousands won't leave prison

A few days ago I blogged that the government are planning to release tens of thousands of criminals from prisons to help with prison overcrowding.

It now seems that the government were planning to release thousands more but those criminals like it so much in prison that they chose to stay because real life is apparently tough compared to prison.

The prisons in this country are so overcrowded that wife beaters are going to avoid prison because there is no room for them. Infact the government has shelved an entire new law to help battered wives because they would be unable to enforce it without prison.

Prisoners that do choose the option of early release frequently go back to crime because they see no incentive not to. An example would be Anthony Thompson who raped an expectant mother only 1 day after being released. The woman can thank the Labour government for their incompetent management of the prison system that has lead to criminals being released just to go back to their criminal ways.

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