Wednesday, June 04, 2008

17,000 homes built on flood planes

Great Britain
is running out of space to build any more homes but because of government incompetence we have to find ever more homes for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that come into this country every year.

Councils are finding it difficult to find suitable places to build homes which is why they are having to build 17,000 homes on flood plains every year increasing the risk that there will be more devastating floods that the country has to deal with.

Dealing with immigration is also the reason why eco towns are being pushed through. Any sane person would tell you that the more you build the greater the environmental damage and more people equal more environmental damage. Areas where eco towns are finding this out and Labour could suffer a backlash from even more people turning against them. People don’t want the countryside to be spoiled so that houses can be built. They want to be able to go for a walk in the countryside or just admire the views. You can’t do any of that when it is concreted over.

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