Friday, June 13, 2008

News roundup 70

Recruitment drive for more black judges. What about white judges?

Hazel Blears, Communities Secretary, says sidelining of Christianity is 'common sense'. No it isn’t but you can hardly accuse labour of having common sense.

£230: That's how much Department for Culture spent promoting St George's Day in FIVE years. I bet they spend more of taxpayers money on a dinner in a single day.

Brown accused of ordering the 'sacking' of leadership rival's key aide. Brown is a dictator.

Labour crisis: Gordon Brown 'diverts rural aid to bribe voters'. Why does Labour punish those that don’t vote for them?

NHS scraps 16,000 operations to hit targets. Yet more Labour incompetence.

NHS has SURPLUS of £2billion in the bank after underspending. Will services improve? I think not…

Babies exposed to chlorinated water at risk of heart problems. Why is the government allowing us to drink poisoned water?

Nick Clegg: Polyclinics are being imposed across country. Of course they are. You don’t think people want them do you?

Patients could be forced to travel three times as far to see their GP under new plans for 'super surgeries'. If there isn’t good public transport in your area you will be screwed.

NHS reforms deliver no significant patient benefit. Of course they don’t. Labour is in charge.

The Indian call centre workers who turn to drugs to stay awake on the night shift. The call centres are only over there to exploit the workers. Some can only stay awake with drugs. Those companies should be ashamed.

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