Saturday, June 14, 2008

News roundup 71

It's NOT racist to tell the truth about immigration and crime, says leading police chief. Some of our idiotic politicians would disagree

Treason laws could be abolished. Our MPs don’t want to face justice.

Abu Hamza's Muslim lawyer earns £1m a year in legal aid from representing terror suspects. Profiting from terrorism is disgusting

Masked men caught on church roof stealing lead... but that's not enough evidence, say police. That’s ridiculous. They should do their job.

Trial set for Chester councillor charged with harassment. Yet more of our elected representatives committing crimes.

Mafia will steal millions of biometric identities, MPs warned. The government won’t do anything about it.

Whitehall is watching: ID cards could let Government snoop on our lives, warn MPs . That’s exactly what the government want.

One-legged war veteran saves mother and baby from thugs ... only to be arrested for carrying a truncheon. Why don’t they arrest the real criminals?

Anti-terror police chief has laptop stolen Why wasn’t he more careful?

Sleaze watchdog to probe City Hall after cash scandal. I hope someone gets sent to prison.

'Bin bureaucrats' secretly taking families' wheelie-bins to sift and weigh the food they throw out. What is the point of that?

Pensioner poverty rises due to council tax hikes and soaring cost of living. The government should be ashamed of themselves.

The number of children living in poverty rises by 100,000 - despite Government pledge to halve it by 2011. The government can’t do anything right.

MPs launch bid to lower voting age to 16. Most 16 year olds don’t care about politics.

Tourism minister storms out of reception after industry boss says UK's tourists are 'highest taxed in the world'. Labour doesn’t like hearing the truth.

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