Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spain to pay immigrants to go home

Spain will offer unemployed immigrant workers
financial incentives to return to their countries of origin, labour and immigration minister Celestino Corbacho told newspaper El Pais on Sunday.

A slowing economy has halted Spain's construction boom and building sites are laying off workers, including many from Latin America, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Corbacho said workers who agree to return will be entitled to receive accumulated unemployment benefits in two lump sums, provided they take their families with them and commit not to return to Spain for at least three years.

Corbacho estimated the incentives to be offered as of next month would affect 1 million workers and their families.

Immigrants account for about 10 percent of Spain's population, up from nominal levels in the early 1990s. In previous decades, many Spaniards left the country for northern Europe in search of work.

The BNP have been saying we should do this for years and now have been proven right. This is a common sense policy to deal with immigration but liberals just can’t see it that way. They are blinded by accusations of racism and just can’t handle that they are wrong.


Anonymous said...

spain has a socialist government, you inept idiot.

youdontknowme said...

And how is that relevant?