Monday, June 16, 2008

British motorists to pay more

British motorists pay billions a year in taxes that affect only them but they get very little for their money. British motorists pay £44 billion per year but the government won’t stump up a fraction of that to pay for £200 million per year repair bill to fix roads full of potholes even though our crumbling roads cost us nearly £3billion a year in car repairs.

Even though we already give the government tens of billions of pounds to spend the government now wants more money by making us pay a congestion charge to enter our own cities. If we want a job we will now have to pay just to get to and from work. The wealthier members of society won’t care. It will be the lower paid who lose out yet again.

The government know that people don’t like being taxed so much especially when they receive so little in return which is why they don’t want people organising opposition to sky high fuel taxes. The Daily Express tried just to put a petition on the government petitions website asking for fuel tax to be lowered but it was refused, such is the government’s hatred of any opposition.

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