Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gordon Brown acts tough on crime

Gordon Brown is trying to act tough again but the reality shows that he is anything but tough on crime. A few days ago it was reported that immigrants are responsible for a lot of the knife crime.

The government have decided to make it so that those who carry knives face tough sentences than crappy sentences they do at the moment. Anyone over the age of 16 who is caught with a knife will face automatic prosecution and risk a jail sentence of up to four years. The key word here is ‘risk’. Criminals already risk 4 years in prison but they normally get less than 4 months so nothing will change especially if these people are immigrants.

Immigrants won’t receive any real punishment just like at present. 1400 of them have already been released early and have been allowed to stay in prison. Immigration officials were told that they shouldn’t even attempt and deport anyone who hasn’t been sentenced to more than a year because it’s too difficult to deport them as it is especially if they are from an EU country.

If these foreign criminals are released early they then get £170 compensation for loss of bed and board in jail. All this makes a mockery of what Gordon Brown promises. You can’t trust the competence of this government. Even Britain's most dangerous inmate, Charles Bronson has said that prisons are cushy compared to what they were.

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alanorei said...

When Blunkett was Home Secretary, it used to be said, 'Tough on crime, tough on the victims of crime.'

I think this is still true.