Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Less food and energy because of EU rules

If you were the European Union fanatic and you were faced with the prospect citizens of a member state wanting to leave what would you do to make them want to stay forever? The answer would be to make them need you for all sorts of things like electricity and food and that is exactly what the EU is trying to do.

A proposed EU directive could force our coal-fired power stations to shut down earlier than planned. Our government is already going to close down nuclear power stations.

The EU already has a law in place which has been blamed for the recent blackout which resulted in 500,000 homes going without power. The European Union’s Large Combustion Plant Directive sets strict limits on the number of hours that some of Britain’s largest and most heavily polluting coal and oil-fired power stations can operate before they have to close in 2015. The time is measured in “stack hours” — the length of time that chimney stacks, rather than individual generation units, are in use.

It is clear what is going to happen if this is allowed to continue. We will rely more and more on foreign nations to power our country giving us every reason to stay in the EU because we will suddenly need them to heat our homes even though they are the ones that caused the power shortages. The same is true for our food. Once they control our food supply they decide whether we live or starve to death.

A new EU proposal would outlaw four fifths of the chemicals used by UK farmers and cut crop yields by between a quarter and a half meaning that we will have to rely more and more on imports to feed our country.

The EU knows what they are doing. They know that their actions will result in less food and energy for us and could result in us starving or freezing if we left it too late to leave, that’s if we ever left at all.

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