Saturday, June 28, 2008

News roundup 76

'Deadly diseases could escape from laboratories because of Government funding neglect'. If something happens we know who to blame.

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'. Nothing will be done.

Maternity unit crisis: Labour accused of putting mothers and babies at risk by closing wards. Labour won’t do anything.

Families who lose home face six year wait for social housing as waiting list continues to skyrocket. It will be even longer the more immigrants there are.

2,200 pupils sent home every day as violent behaviour in class reaches record levels. Nothing can be done. There is no effective way for schools to discipline them.

Lack of field trips 'leave children ignorant of nature'. That’s just the way the government want it. If they are ignorant they won’t care that the countryside is being concreted over.

Let companies run state schools for profit, says Sir Simon Milton. Anything is better than the government controlling them.

Young Muslims 'are turning to extremism'. Deport them.

White boy, 12, suspected of being Islamic extremist recruit after he showed beheading videos to classmates. He should have never been allowed into the country.

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