Friday, June 13, 2008

NHS committing murder

The NHS is committing murder by refusing to give people treatment because they dare to pay for drugs to prolong their life that the NHS refuses to pay for.

Linda O’Boyle died after being denied treatment for paying for private drugs that are not available on the NHS. As far as I am concerned this is murder. Why is it wrong to want to live longer? NHS drugs were not working but the private drugs did work and she was advised by doctors about the drug. I hope whoever denied her treatment gets a baseball bat around the head, or better yet get the same cancer that Linda O’Boyle had.

Richard Eckley is in the same boat and he is probably going to have to go into debt just to continue to live and if he can’t afford it anymore he could die all because the NHS wouldn’t pay for his drugs to battle kidney cancer.

Surely if Mr Eckley isn’t getting the treatment on the NHS which he paid for through taxes then shouldn’t he get those taxes back seeing as they are not being put to use helping him to stay alive?

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