Saturday, June 28, 2008

Millions of homes need to be built

Up to 3.48 million new homes may have to be built in
England by 2020 if property is to become more affordable, the Government has been told.

The National Housing and Planning Advice Unit (NHPAU) is advising the Government that at least 2.96 million new homes should be built and as many as 3.48 may need to be added to the current housing stock.

The group also called on planners and decision makers not to focus on the current short-term downturn in the property market, which is seeing house price falls, but to continue to think about long-term housing needs.

This can’t go on forever. We can’t keep concreting over our countryside because of a rising population. The only reason that we need to build more homes is because of rising levels of immigration. If we closed our borders fewer homes would be needed stopping our environment from getting any worse that it already is.

We could concentrate on feeding our own population and less oil would be needed because there would be less cars and less need for building anymore houses (some vehicle needs to make multiple deliveries of supplies), roads, schools and hospitals.

The only logical thing to do so that we can have a healthy environment is to stop immigration all together.

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