Sunday, June 15, 2008

We don't want the EU

The Irish have destroyed the Lisbon treaty that would have given each country less of a say in the running of their own country however the Europhiles just won’t take no for an answer. David Milliband still thinks it should be ratified despite its rejection by Irish voters.

We won’t get a referendum even though the majority of British people don’t want to be in a political union. Only a third of people think we should stay in the European Union while the rest want to either leave or renegotiate the EU back into a trade only union.

Our MPs won’t listen of course because our opinions don’t matter. They think that they are the elite and that they should be the ones to decide what happens. We should have no say. It’s time that these people were told that we won’t take it anymore and that they should pack their bags and go abroad where they might be wanted.

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