Tuesday, June 17, 2008

House of Lords could delay treaty

As the our government and the EU continues with the ratification of the constitutional treaty regardless of what the Irish have decided we are left with the House of Lords to save us yet again but this time they probably can only save us until October but it could be enough time.

If the Lords manage to delay it on Wednesday you can thank Lord Owen as the plans of europhiles will be scuppered yet again. If that fails we might have to hope that the EU will be willing to listen to two countries if the Czech Senate votes to reject it which they most likely will.

The EU still probably won’t take no for an answer which will probably mean that they change some of the treaty and say it is something different and stop the Irish from voting against them and tricking the Czech Senate into believing it is something else.


Anonymous said...

other things the saintly lords have also managed to delay ... ohe yes compenstion for workers with pleural plaques.

therefore can iassume the British nazi party approves of that as well?

youdontknowme said...

The House of Lords obviously aren't 100% right all the time.