Sunday, June 22, 2008

News roundup 75

Lost rivers of London to resurface in Boris plan. If rivers have been concreted over it could happen anywhere.

Pollution in capital exceeds limits by up to 100%. Yet another reason not to live in London.

Demand for green biofuels pushing up food prices, Government report warns. That was obvious.

Two more years of food price misery. I think it will be longer than that.

US flooding ruins crops and threatens global food prices. Get ready for more food riots.

Households that fail to recycle waste face £50 bin fine. They can only get people to recycle through force.

Poll: most Britons doubt cause of climate change. The enviroloons are losing.

One in five Freedom Of Information requests turned down by Government. We should have access to more information.

LDA staff competed to spend taxpayers' money, Mayor's audit reveals. It’s not their money so they will spend as much as possible.

£11million: The bill for Home Office staff perks in ONE YEAR. Why do they need those expenses?

MPs set to claim £40,000 perk. Build flats for our MPs. It will be cheaper in the long run.

Gordon Brown plans to fight only one election. I hope he loses it.

MINISTERS 'GAGGED', CLAIMS DAVIS. Gordon doesn’t like debate.

Now mobile phone users could be charged to RECEIVE calls in the UK. Why can’t the EU just stay out of it?

Royal Navy warships may form part of EU fleet. I hope not.

User-generated content and weblogs - a new challenge. Translation: How do we control criticism?

Abortion increase in young girls. Disgraceful.

Near £600k bill for hospital parking in East Lancashire. They should give the money back.

NHS trusts 'failing on hygiene'. They should be prosecuted if anyone dies.

Military families should get preferential NHS treatment, Tories say. Good idea.

Government U-turn on plans to build new warships... sinking hopes for hundreds of jobs. The government hate the military.

UK inflation set to hit highest in a decade. That’s just great.

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