Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gordon Brown is a clever man

I blogged a few weeks ago that the Labour party is heavily in debt and the only thing keeping them solvent is donations from trade unions. The Unions are of course threatening to stop donating them money so Gordon has to do something.

Gordon Brown is an evil genius. The unions are crying out for another bank holiday while the rest of the country are beginning to hate the Labour party for their hatred of this country.

How would Gordon keep the support of the unions while looking patriotic? Gordon figured it out and is now trying to con us. He has decided that there will be a bank holiday to celebrate Britishness. This has of course nothing to do with celebrating britishness. It is just a way to keep the support of the unions so that they keep giving Labour money so that Gordon doesn’t have to go into debt to pay off Labour debts.

Their financial troubles are so bad they are making their own MPs pay £2200 to help to pay off their debts. That is how desperate they are.

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